Lauren Guymer is an emerging visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Lauren predominantly draws highly detailed landscapes and imaginary places inspired by nature, landforms, outer space, travel, and much more. She explores her ideas in pen and ink with a variety of techniques and mark making including dot stippling, lines, and circles. She is also interested in experimenting with other mediums and painting murals. 

[Lauren] explores an existence that is not of this world - a place of equanimity and uninhabited freedom. Her intricately detailed dot and line drawings are something to be admired...
— Mari Asi, Outlet Mag, 2016
Guymer´s drawings feel like they´re pulled from the pages of a fairytale. Her fantastical imagined lands instantly transport you to a place the brothers Grimm might have roamed, and her illustrations put her in league with those of Kay Neilson or John Tenniel.
— Erin Stobie, Outlet Mag, 2016