About Lauren Guymer


Lauren Guymer is an emerging Australian artist who creates drawings and paintings inspired by the natural world.

Born in 1992 in Melbourne, Lauren grew up on a small rural property with weekends spent at the beach, camping, and horse riding. From here her creativity and love for nature was instilled from an early age and has continued to inspire and flourish in her work.

With a foundation in drawing during her earlier years of practice, Lauren has now shifted towards landscape painting. Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the nature, she explores her ideas through monochromatic works on paper. With highly detailed mark making, textured layers, and ink washes moving across the paper, she is interested in responding to the landscape and conveying her experiences and memories of the places she visits. Her ideas come from both the real and imagined, with dream-like places, atmospheric landscapes, and uninhabited sanctuaries emerging from a world of her own. Her process also includes travelling, observing, and gathering inspiration from places, as a means to fuel future work and ideas. 

Currently, Lauren lives and works on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Here she works from her home studio surrounded by inspiring scenery, animals, and native bushland.