Lauren Guymer is an emerging visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia.
Working across drawing, illustration, and painting, she creates highly detailed and intricate black and white artworks inspired by the natural world.

From the Australian wilderness to faraway places, Lauren is constantly observing, exploring, and sourcing new inspiration. She is fascinated by nature and landforms, from mountains and rivers to plants and animals. Lauren uses drawing as a tool to document the places she has visited, while also constructing dreamlike landscapes and otherworldly places straight from her imagination. Through her work she explores themes and ideas relating to places, surrealism, symbolism, dreams, outer space, homes, travel, and memory.

Currently, Lauren works from her home studio on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Here she takes inspiration from the local flora and fauna and surrounding landscapes.

" [Lauren] explores an existence that is not of this world - a place of equanimity and uninhibited freedom... Her intricately detailed dot and line drawings are something to be admired – Guymer’s vision of persistence and ability to create these dreamlike drawings are both visually and artistically pleasing, giving these landscapes character and the ability to be more than the mundane we usually perceive them in. " -  Mari Asi, Outlet Mag, 2016


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