Lauren Guymer


About Lauren Guymer


Lauren Guymer_Headshot_2019.jpg

Lauren Guymer is a Melbourne based visual artist who creates highly detailed greyscale artworks inspired by the natural world.

With a primary focus on drawing and painting, Lauren meticulously constructs dream-like worlds of her own using mark making, traditional rendering, and self-taught techniques. Her artwork acts as a window looking into her vivid imagination and the places she has visited, filled with atmospheric landscapes and uninhabited sanctuaries. Driven by her constant fascination with nature, her process includes observing, travelling, and collecting inspiration, resulting in works that respond to the environment and her experiences. She also explores themes and ideas relating to surrealism, memories, symbolism, and dreams, with works meeting somewhere between fantasy and reality.

Lauren currently resides on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. She works from her home studio situated on a small farm, and finds inspiration from the local fauna & flora and surrounding scenery.